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UCIH&SC Lessons Learned
Welcome to the UCIH&S Committee's Lessons Learned resource site.
Following are some "Lessons Learned" documents, presentations and photo collections that have been reviewed and compiled from various sources. These resources may be helpful in planning new projects, reviewing work activities, or developing training with the goals of improving safety and preventing losses.

Lessons Learned resources are compiled following events in which some previously unconsidered consequence has occurred, regardless of whether an injury or economic loss is sustained. All UC campuses are encouraged to develop and share Lessons Learned documents following such incidents. Campuses are also encouraged to share presentations and photo collections that may be of use to sister campuses and the wider health and safety community.

Accident/Incident Investigations
UC Davis Chemistry Event Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter Failure
Glove Failure Results in Chemical Burn to Hand at Laboratory
Accidental Mixing of Bleach and Acid (web site)
Cal/OSHA Chief to Oversee Criminal Investigation of Fatal UCLA Lab Fire (web site)
Family of UCLA Lab Fire Victim Criticizes Investigation (web site)
Safety Alert Regarding an Incident at LBNL
State Fines UCLA in Fatal Lab Fire
UCLA Citation and Notification of Penalty
Deadly UCLA Lab Fire Leaves Haunting Questions (web site)
Explosion Due to Mixing of Incompatible Waste Chemicals
Explosion Due to Pressure Build Up in Complex Reaction Waste Bottle
University of Rochester lab worker injured on the job (web site)
BOC Edwards Vacuum Pump Recall Bulletin
Close Call Electrical Incident
Peroxide Explosion Injures Campus Researcher
Embedded Glass in Forearm – X-ray Image (Microsoft Power Point Show)
Bottled Air Explosion Occurs Inside Truck Cab
NoCount Radiation Contamination Remover Can Rupture (image)
Explosion and Fire at Texas Chemical Plant Result from Faulty Welds
Texas A&M Liquid Nitrogen Tank Explosion Accident Report
Chemical Safety Board animation of BP explosion, March 2005 (streaming video)
Subcontractor Flatbed Material Trailer Dislodged From Truck
Combustion Hazard of Etched Niobium Titanium (NbTi) Cable
Acid Spill - Emphasizes On-The-Job Awareness
Spontaneous Combustion of Drying Oils as a Fire Cause (from tcforensic.com)
Fire, Explosions Rock New Jersey Gas Warehouse (web site)
Ruptured Gas Cylinder Destroys Laboratory Hood
Melting Point Apparatus Incident (web site)
Liquid Oxygen Cylinder Explosion (Microsoft Power Point Show)
UCSB Hydrogen Fluoride Explosion - Image 1, Image 2
UCSB Laboratory Accidents (web site)

Training Resources
Silly Safety Quiz (Microsoft Power Point Show)
Safety Photo Funnies (Microsoft Power Point Show)
Safety Meeting Video Clips (Windows Media Video)
Theatre Accidents (Microsoft Power Point Show)
Safety At Work - NOT! (Microsoft Power Point Show)
Seven Scary Safety Pics to Enliven Your Next Training (Microsoft Power Point Show)
Why We Don't Store Acetylene in a Closed Up Vehicle! (Microsoft Power Point Show)

National Labs' Lessons Learned Publications
Hot Plate Switch Failure
Don’t Rely upon Material Safety Data Sheets to Identify All Hazardous Constituents (May 2009)
Unattended Hotplate/Stirrer Results in Hydrofluoric Acid Spill (April 2007)
Close Call Underscores Need for Chemical Safety (January 2007)
Photo Studio Electrical Shock (November 2006)
Electrical Shock Due to Prototype Design/Specification Failure (November 2006)
Portaband Saw Blade Cuts Through Energized Conductor (November 2006)
Eyebolt and Swivel Hoist Ring Temperature Limitations (November 2006)
Avoiding Glovebox Exposure Incidents (August 2006)
Work Near 230 Kilovolt Electrical Transmission Line (July 2006)
Slips and Trips on Roads, Paths, and Floors (May 2006)
Electrical Shock Caused by Incorrect Fabrication Technique (April 2006)
Avoiding Glovebox Exposure Incidents (August 2006)
Work Near 230 Kilovolt Electrical Transmission Line (July 2006)
Slips and Trips on Roads, Paths, and Floors (May 2006)
Electrical Shock Caused by Incorrect Fabrication Technique (April 2006)
Flammable Materials Cabinet Shelf Collapse (March 2006)
Electrician Overcome by Paint Vapors Falls Through Ceiling (February 2006)
Violent Failures of Older Compressed Gas Cylinders (November 2005)
Vigilance in New or Infrequent High-Hazard Operations (July 2005)
Modification of Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet Results in Fire (June 2005)
Your Office is NOT an Appropriate Storage Area for Hazardous Materials (May 2005)
Falling Objects - A Dangerous Trend (April 2005)
White Phosphorus Intoxication (April 2004)
Electrical Shock/Lockout-Tagout (April 2004)
Portable Space Heater Danger (January 2004)
Hood Ignition During Plasma Arc Cutting (January 2004)
Equipment Work Results in CO Overexposure (November 2003)
Acoustic Foam Fuels Deadly Fire (October 2003)
Beware of Aerosol Cans (September 2003)
Pyrophoric Materials Cause Chemical Fume Hood Fire (August 2003)
Sulfur Dioxide Inhalation Following UPS Battery Failure (July 2003)
Crosby Swivel Hoist Ring Recall (June 2003)
Step Stools May Have Hidden Hazards (May 2003)
Plumber Falls from Ladder, Fractures Hip (December 2002)